Paving a New Way for the Industry

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Paving a New Way for the Industry

In today’s age, online shopping is the norm. But almost 20 years ago, paving was not readily available on the internet. Our goal was to make paving accessible and affordable. Customers should have the ability to order at any time and not just when the builders’ merchants or garden centres are open.

There should be improved choices, better and more responsive customer support, transparent pricing and the option to have your paving delivered anywhere, nationwide.

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Paving the way for better experiences.

We built relationships with key suppliers globally and partnered with the best logistics companies to achieve nationwide coverage. Customers could order their favourite paving from anywhere in the UK at the best prices.

Our team streamlined ordering and delivery processes for a smoother shopping experience. Samples arrived the next day for customers to review, and tradespeople could order paving with better margins while spending more time on the job.

How we mixed our mortar for success.

We prioritised customer satisfaction, more representatives and channels to handle customer needs and expectations from telephone to email and live chat.

Our digital marketing was second to none, always dominating SEO (we ranked no.1 for most keywords), PPC and eventually social media to drive brand engagement, awareness and sales. We collaborated with industry experts and professionals to showcase new products and deliver best practices. We built trust through thousands of positive customer reviews, word of mouth and referrals. Over the years, we adapted to changing trends maintaining our dominance in the marketplace.

From concept to game-changer and exit.

Nustone became a market leader delivering multi seven-figure monthly revenue. Over almost two decades, the brand has built one of the best reputations in the market, supplying tens of thousands of homes across the nation with quality paving at the best possible prices. The company has been a pioneer and innovator in its space.

In 2020 a leading global paving manufacturer successfully acquired the company.

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