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Break Glass Ceilings


Break Glass Ceilings


Personal branding has emerged as a pivotal concept in an era where subcultures and niche groups have transcended mere trends to become staple elements of our social landscape. Personal brands are centred around individuals' uniqueness, values, and the distinctive environment they cultivate for their audience. Our project with Saqib Qureshi exemplifies how to navigate and excel within the intricate yet rewarding realm of personal branding.


The primary aim was to forge a personal brand that mirrors Saqib Qureshi's unique values, skills, and interests, crafting an authentic perception that resonates with a specific community. This brand needed to encapsulate Saqib's professional ethos while connecting on a deeper level with his audience.


  1. Identifying Core Values: Our first step was delineating the core values and ethics Saqib represents. This foundation would steer the brand in its growth, decision-making, and in maintaining authenticity and integrity.
  2. Unveiling Unique Value: We explored Saqib's amalgamation of skills, talents, and personal stories to unveil his unique value to his audience. This involved an in-depth analysis of his professional background, personal interests, and the overarching narrative he wished his brand to convey.
  3. Building a Community: Acknowledging the significance of community, we concentrated on identifying and engaging Saqib's target audience. This entailed understanding their values, interests, and the types of content that resonate with them, ensuring the brand's messaging aligned with their expectations.
  4. Consistent Storytelling: We established a consistent messaging style and voice and selected the appropriate social channels for narrating Saqib's story. This consistency was crucial in building trust and fostering genuine connections with his audience.


The project culminated in a cohesive and authentic personal brand for Saqib Qureshi that showcases his unique value and resonates with his target community. The brand has attracted a loyal following, fostered genuine connections, and opened new avenues for collaboration and growth.


The development of Saqib Qureshi's personal brand underscores the significance of authenticity, consistency, and community in the digital age. Saqib has established a robust personal brand that stands out in a crowded digital landscape by focusing on what makes him unique and continuously engaging with his audience. This case study demonstrates that, with the right strategy and execution, personal branding can be a potent tool for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners aiming to expand their presence and influence in 2024 and beyond.

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