Testimonials are powerful and can drive brand growth, but many brands don't utilise them correctly.

🔨 Do this to get more bang from your testimonials.

🎯 Be specific about what you want your customers to cover and ask them to cover those specifics in their testimonials. Don't just roll with generic and fluffy feedback. Make recommendations that align with your brand's promise and ask customers to share their results and positive outcomes.

😍 If the "a game changer" results make an impact, ask for video testimonials that use that language. For example, if your brand's promise is "We help you to become 2x more productive," then you should ask your customers to make a video saying, "WOW! This app is a game changer. I complete all my tasks and more every day with time left to do more of what I love."

🎥 Leverage your new video testimonials in your ads to prove you can deliver on your promise. Get as many as you can. The more testimonials validating that your product or service is delivering results, the more trust you'll build with your target audience, which leads to more sales 💰

Brands can drive awareness and growth by using lots of testimonials that are to the point and validate their big promise.