A brand should exist to transform the lives of the people it wishes to serve. The powerful magnetism of great brands stems from knowing what really sets their brands apart.

The biggest challenge, however, is often our own bias. We are so in love with our product or service that we forget to check in with our target audience. In many cases, you'll discover that they don't share the same level of interest, let alone have a compelling reason to care.

It's not an easy perspective to adopt. Many brands believe they are truly unique, but the reality is that few are. Most brands have a subtle edge at best. It's critical to remember that it's not about you.

What makes your brand truly special is the difference it makes in the lives of your customers, community, and even the world. Technically this is the definition of your brand's purpose. Once you clarify this, it can be a game-changer.

Shifting your focus from your organisation to those you hope to serve will make you relevant, related and likeable. It will also give you better insights into the real and meaningful impact your brand can have on your customers' lives.

Your job is to identify that impact and get out of the way. Talk less about what you do and more about what you do for your customers.

Go beyond the surface benefits and dig deep into the difference you make in their lives. Understand the emotions, and you will discover your brand's special sauce and irresistibility.